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The staygaming began on Modern Warfare 2

StayGaming, xSHNx

The team StayGaming was based(established) in 2015 by ToZe and Shenyx, we were a team which walked(worked) well on Modern Warfare 3 Teknogods. Continuation(Suite) has a break of our life IRL, the team was stopped(arrested) by Shenyx. In 2016, the former(old) Leader Shenyx, resumes(takes back) the team with some former(old) member(limb) of former(old) Stay. StayGaming has for objective of create a community on several games(sets) as Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3 Leagues of Legends etc. etc. with the players on various platforms, does not add us pro in the games(sets) but we manage well. As a result, we recruit new people who want to come in our rows(ranks):)

What we have:

  • A server dedicated to our game servers & Teamspeak.
  • The vps servers if the dedicated server has problems.
  • A TeamSpeak servers.
  • Games: MW2, Mw3 CS: GO LoL etc..
  • Players PC & Ps4.
  • A good atmosphere in our team.

What we want for later

  • Have a good community within the team.
  • Evolved in PC & Ps4.
  • Create multiple section on PC & Ps4.

Our Services

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Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated servers are hosted in France

Servers VPS

Our VPS servers are hosted in France


With Teamspeak you can chat with members and with friends


Recruitment of staygaming are open